Our Story

21-(1)Seven years ago a twist of fate and a little help from friends brought these young, starry-eyed dreamers together. It didn’t take long for them to realize they’d fallen in love. Really fallen in love.

They had the world at their fingertips but they knew they didn’t want to go it alone. So they made a silent pact to stick together. Many of the dreams they had back then have come to pass, made possible by the support and friendship they’ve given each other.

Now they dream bigger and better.

And they know that their dreams wouldn’t be half as good if their other half wasn’t in them. They’ve decided this love is the real thing, the best thing, and the only thing in the world that matters.

That’s why Mike asked Em, “Darling, would you spend all your days with me?”

That’s why—through happy tears—she said, “Yes!”

Now they’re on to their next adventure: Marriage. The world hasn’t slipped away and they’ve still got big plans ahead. For these two still young, still starry-eyed dreamers, this is just the beginning.